Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Speed it up Gal!!!!

Man! i am so not with it. I am lagging & lacking in the Blogging department.
Not only is my grammer a huge pile of poo but content is rambling, well i did say i am a rambling freethinker.

It seems a few of my FB friends are blogging away with such attitude & experience it puts me to shame.

Oh well......i will get there, usually if i set myself a challenge then i go on to conquer.

My lovely pile of new books arrived this morning. Several titles by the likes of John Holt, Ross Mountney, John Taylor Gatto et al.
I look forward to enlightening myself some more. I am also awaiting kelly Green's new book & a book called Let's Read by Leonard Bloomfield.

In the meantime the eldest (6) is busy thinking of things to add to the shopping list, a rather cunning plan of mine to get her to practice her handwriting and her spelling. The list may end up the size of a novella but who cares.
Little bean is asleep after a bout of playing with the scrunched up brown paper from said box of books........... the simple pleasures of our babes.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

All kind's of stuff

It's been a while since my last attempt at blogging......And already so much has happened/changed Little one is already 5 months, big one has turned 6, how time flies.
I still cannot mange my time effectivley poo!

I keep trying to get more sewing done but it never seems to happen inbetween the baby & child & partner all vying for attention all having sniffles & thinking they are the only ones entitled to being ill.

So it's the start of a new school year, thankfully it does not effect us but i have been planning (in my head) what i want us to acheive. Whether or not that happens is another thing entirely.
E has her Tudor project (slight obsession with Henry viii) to do as well as continuing on with the lapsed garden project. She has already started KS2 in Literacy a few weeks ago & has bombed through pretty well not that we follow any strict routine.
She has completed Yr 3 German (how she did that i dont know) and is enjoying spanish and french on Educationcity, these she does all by herself, not at all insitgated by me. We have also started on Maths and intend to concentrate more on that this year, so hope to use Mathletics more than last year.
And if that wasnt enough we are doing a project on belief's and festivals and covering all the usual stuff like cookery, sewing, crafts etc.....as well as ballet, drama & music. So as of this week our schedule starts to speed up a bit.

I need to pull my finger out and fill in her learning journey which i use to show the LA EWO whe she visits.
Right now i am off to get more 'stuff' done. :)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Empowering & Validating us gals!

Yesterday, we visited our local hospital for an appointment for my youngest daughter who is 17 weeks old. I will try & keep it as short as possible as to the reason for our regular visits, although it was mainly due to her not gaining weight. 
After a series of tests for various diseases it was deemed she was fine & we were formally discharged after gaining enough weight to keep them happy.

My issue/grumble call it what you will, begins 2 months ago when Kiki had been admitted.
It was while they were doing Ob's they noticed she hadn't been gaining weight. She was kept in overnight and we were seen the next day by a consultant who thought she was lactose intolerant and we were to start her on a lactose free formula as a top up to breast feeding. I also had to change my diet to a lactose free diet. While this was going on they were to perform all manner or other tests for a variety of possible diseases.

It scared the shit out of me.

I had gone for over 12 hours with no sleep, hoping my baba was going to be ok. I listened to what they said amid a sleep deprived haze of numbness.
Deep down my feeling/intuition was telling me it's simpler than that. It is not what they are claiming it to be.
I followed their instructions but still my baba screamed day & night & always seemed in pain. She hadn't opened her bowels, this time in 16 days.

After a long conversation with my partner & a trip to an Osteopath (a man of sense)  I introduced her to Aptamil formula 1oz at a time until by the end of the week she was taking 5oz's.
You see i believed my baba was hungry. I believed my breast milk was not giving her enough in either volume or nutrition. So i would top up after a breast feed. This seemed to work a treat.
So much so that she eventually refused to go onto the breast & would only take formula. By our next appt. she was taking 5 5oz bottles a day and had put on a significant amount of weight.

The consultant still did not know this & believed we were still following the lactose free route. Why did she not know, because no body told her.
I then received frantic 'phone calls to bring her in immediately as they were concerned her weight had dropped off the scale & wanted her admitted to begin feeding her via a tube.

You can imagine my shock & horror. No one was going to force feed my baby when she was already doing so well with what we were doing. All i could picture was the trauma this would be not just for baba but for my oldest daughter & the rest of us.
We rushed to the hospital where they kept us waiting for a very long time (thats a whole other story in itself) eventually she was seen, weighed & we were sent away. All was fine.

I then saw my GP (another man of sense) who asked me if i was weaning her.  I tried to look shocked but probably ended up looking furtive, which is why he pressed me on it and yes i admitted i was. After all my baby was hungry.

So for everyone out there pulling gasps of shock/horror because I'm weaning before the allotted time. All i will say is this-I have done my research.
The British Dietetics Assoc in Paediatrics say that although it is ideal for a baby to be exclusivelyley breast/bottlefed for 6 months  it is ok to wean early there is no apparent link to gastroenteritis.
The W.H.O have no significant guidelines for our country on this either but they do for the developing world.

To top it all not one of the doctors/consultants or dietitian's have even batted an eyelid when i told them i have already started weaning.
She had also started to open her bowels. Well she would wouldn't she when she is feeding. If she had nothing in her tummy how could she possibly go to the toilet. So we all have great pride in every poopy nappy she does! not typical i know *Grin's*

The point i am trying to make is, that i want all mum's new or otherwise to trust your instincts. This is being take away from us. With all the supposed guidelines issued by so called professionals based on their idea of what an AVERAGE baby/child is or should do. What is AVERAGE anyway, all babies/children ARE different and develop at different rates FACT.

If i had not trusted my instincts this story could have ended so very differently, something i am just not prepared to dwell on. It does make me angry though.
All of you Women out there start trusting your instincts again take back the power and believe in yourselves that you will make the right decisions & don't beat yourself up if the ideal way doesn't work for you, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you have a happy healthy baby who thrives & in turn you will be a happy healthy momma.

I have spoken to so many women who have had similar experiences and have been belittled and made to feel guilty or that they are doing wrong if they choose not to breast feed or choose to wean early.

This should be a time of discovery for new mums for any mum ,who has just given birth a time of reflection & bonding with their new born. Not a time to be made to feel inadequate because you are not following guidelines especially at such a fragile time in a woman's life

This leads me on to birthing, please, all you midwives/health visitors out there, inform your ladies that there are real options for giving birth, that it does not mean you HAVE to be in hospital to do it. YES YOU CAN HAVE A HOMEBIRTH it is perfectly acceptable, less invasive and a truly spiritual experience. On that note i will save my birthing story for another day, needless to say i had to fight to get my home waterbirth.....................

Sunday, 1 August 2010

I'm a Virgin.....

I'm a virgin.

No really, i am.
Don't laugh, I'm a blogger virgin! so this is my first post & i may make some laughable mistakes but bear with me on this as i aim to get better (i hope).
So, here i am on a dull, cool Sunday morning, sat on my sofa watching the news. No1 daughter is up in our loft room issuing challenges to me to find her. Whilst No2. daughter dozes in her bouncy chair. His nibs is still in bed.....typical!

I am debating on whether or not to put on a pot of coffee, while E who is almost 6 wanders around amidst her challenges claiming we must all pray, night & day. Apparently she is God this morning. Wrapped in a yellow duvet pinched from her sisters cot she bellows in a rather deep voice that we must all pray & do as she says...hmmmmm..... not sure about that one. This is quite possibly an excuse to assert her bossyness upon us all.

I also need to get my thinking cap on about the new business that i am about to start. After several years of running my own catering business i need to re-think the logistics of this.
Tamerin Bakery sounds good, not as grand as it sounds. After starting out having a stall at a farmers market & working my up to having a catering trailer that we took out to fairs & festivals it is now not feasible for me to do this. 1, it takes a huge amount of my time. 2, it takes me away from my family too often. This is not ideal when we are now in full throe of Home Schooling.

So, the plan is a business where i can work from home, that does not take me away from the family for any length of time but enables me to utilise my skills, my list of business contacts & make some money in the process.
I gave some thought to selling Eco cleaning/beauty products. That thought did not last long, thankfully.
Hence, Kiki Cupcake-Handmade Organic Childrens Clothes has been born.
The plan is to make quality organic clothes using british suppliers. Simple designs, with little or no impact on the world around us. Whilst still making your little cherub look good.
I am now in the process of sourcing organic fabric. I need to sell my trailer and re-invest that money into buying an overlocker and possibly a new sewing machine along with fabric, trimmings,thread etc...
Try and get a website designed & built & all the usual bits that go along with this. Exciting times ahead.
I also need to look at getting booked onto Christmas fairs & fetes & other craft-y places.
Watch this space............